• Kay December 1 2020 Lama Tendrön’s method works! I can read and understand sadhanas, after years of unsuccessfully trying other ways. This is such an incredible blessing – thank you!
  • Lourdes Madrigal April 1 2020 I am so thankful to find Tibetan Online with Lama Tendron,she is a great teacher funny and responsible Presented the language in very simple and understandable way enriched with a precious teaching about the text of study. I have learn both Tibetan and Dharma with the opportunity to have individual assistance with specific difficulties that may present during the course. She encourages students to work with kind discipline and curiosity, you will find that you learn and understand very well.
  • Joan March 1 2020 I am very happy to recommend Lama Tendron, as a supportive, knowledgeable and kind teacher of the rather challenging Tibetan language. Her carefully structured and organized written and recorded lessons allow for learning at whatever pace one is able to maintain. She is attentive to her student’s needs and adjusts assignments based on their progress. For me learning Tibetan has not been easy but it has been very rewarding to begin to understand many of the Tibetan prayers which I have mindlessly repeated for years.
  • Ricardo Aragon March 1 2020 Lama Tendron is such a great teacher. She is very patient and knowledgeable. always so willing to help her students learn. After finishing level 4 I realized that the whole course was smooth and relatively easy. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed. Now I am able to study any of the prayers and practices and recite them in Tibetan, which is such a different experience! If you are interested in deepening your dharma practice by being able to understand the dharma in Tibetan, do take this class. I highly recommend Lama Tendron and her course.
  • Kathryn March 1 2020 I have long wanted to be able to read the sadhanas in Tibetan letters in order to enrich my understanding of what they convey. I have now completed level 2 (which begins the grammar) and am in level 3 (which continues the grammar and reads a beautiful Yeshe Tsogyal sadhana), repeating it for a second time because I find the grammar and memorization quite hard to remember. Despite my difficulties with the language, which is so different from other languages I use fluently or somewhat fluently, I deeply value the opportunity to study with Lama Tendron. She is a pleasure to study with. She brings her great depth of understanding of sadhana practice to this learning process.
  • Amy June 0 2018 June 2018 — just completed Level 3. Level 3’s introduction to verbs and translating of a long sadhana was interesting, illuminating, and challenging. You are not only learning a new language but you also learn about the Dharma from Tendron’s explanations and you also begin to learn about the nuances involved in translating Tibetan sadhanas. All her classes are recorded so one can always review any class at one’s own pace. I use my local library’s wifi for live classes as I have a set amount of internet data. When I think back to my time in Level 1 and Level 2 (taken 2x, lots of grammar in Level 2), I could not imagine back then ever feeling able to doing Level 3. I now have completed the application for Level 4.
  • Ruth April 0 2018 I am about to finish level 2 and plan to go on to level 3., and am so happy I just jumped in to learn Tibetan. This has had a profound effect deepening my Sadhana practice and Lama Tendron makes the learning so light hearted and fun. Thank you so much! I encourage you step into this sweet study of Tibetan.
  • Ken June 0 2017 Just finished Level 3. WOW! Literary Tibetan CAN be learned….even by a grammar challenged person like myself. Tendron makes it fun and interesting and she’s always patient with us slow learners… 🙂 Step by step method to teaching this art until you learn it. I highly recommend the class!
  • Agustin April 0 2017 I highly recommend!!! 🙂 If you follow her method with diligence and regularity, no way but to learn Tibetan! Above that, you will experience her joyful, energizing and skillful way of teaching, always available for personalized advices.
  • Karuna Fluhart-Negrete January 1 2016 Lama Tendron’s Tibetan classes have been an answer to a life long prayer. I am blessed to have found her. It has been difficult for me to “get” Tibetan grammar in the past but with my repetition and completion of level II, I can sincerely say – I am understanding it now! It is so fulfilling to practice my sadhana and be able to pick out phrases and words – some I have know for years… and now I get that ah ha…on the meaning. It’s truly amazing and inspiring for me. Lama Tendron is a special jewel….and her classes a rare gem. Stay with her and you will shine too! I am excited about level III and the possibility of deepening my practice further.
  • Mary Lampkin January 1 2016 I endorse everything that others have said above about Lama Tendron’s ability to break the language learning experience into digestible weekly portions so that confidence is gained each week through homework exercises, sharing in class, and having questions skillfully answered. In addition, Lama’s deep experience allows her to reveal glimpses into the Tibetan mind by showing how their grammatical structures are different from ours. I found myself looking forward to the hour each week devoted to homework and to each online class with other students. Now I’m eagerly awaiting the start of Level Three!
  • Lyle Rose January 1 2016 I’ve just finished Level 1 and I can say that these classes are structured so that even a total beginner can learn to read and write Tibetan easily! It’s really a joy to be able to read the Syllables myself after only a few months, and I’m quite excited for level 2. Highly recommended for any practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, you won’t regret it!
  • Helene Oldweiler January 1 2016 Lama Tendron knows how to teach Tibetan. For me, learning the language so enhances my study and experience of dharma. The language itself is a key to enriching this connection. Classes have a perfect pace, and Lama Tendron treats all who are taking the class fairly, paying equal attention to all, always having good advice and responses to questions. Classes are well organized and interesting, homework is not over whelming, but keeps us connected to what we are learning. I have no doubt that my language skills have improved, and that the classes gave a more solid foundation, in order to keep learning, studying, enriching and growing. This was a level 2 class, and it is exciting to start to understand translation, and a better sense of Tibetan grammar. Initially, i had an attitude of “not liking grammar”, and a bit of resistance to the idea, but Lama Tendron’s style makes it very accessible, and interesting. I highly recommend these classes…Thank you Lama Tendron!
  • Maya Joy January 1 2016 Tendron has been a wonderful teacher! At first, the idea of learning Tibetan sounded quite daunting but the weekly class introduces it in an organized and understandable way that makes the idea of learning a language not overwhelming. She is excellent at at explaining the grammar and phonetics of the language and the classes have a perfect amount of workload, not too much, but enough where you learn something new every time. I would HIGHLY recommend her sessions if you are interested in learning how to read Tibetan and furthering your skills in the language. Looking forward to Level Two!
  • Ricarda Maya Solms April 0 2015 Tendrön’s Tibetan classes have been the most inspiring and at the same time so well structured and taught. She was kind and patient but also demanding enough to keep us moving forward. By the end of three month we could spell and read Tibetan and it was such a joy to enter the door to this universe. Tendrön’s good advice concerning method and frequency made it easy and simply doable to memorize the alphabet and spelling rules by a daily 10-15 minutes practice. Before I took classes with Tendrön, I couldn’t reach this point of opening up. I guess it is always the teacher who matters a lot. I’m really looking forward to starting level two and reaching level three one day to be able to read and understand the words “of our perfect teachers”. Oh, and what is so amazing about these online classes is, that Tendrön is giving classes life, to disciples in Hawaii, Munich and California at the same time (one getting up early in the morning, one close to noon and one almost going to bed…) and it works!

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