Since 1982 I have been practicing and studying literary Tibetan within a surrounding of western as well Tibetan Buddhist teachers. There was not many translations at that time so we had to study Tibetan, and that’s how I got exposed to various texts and later started teaching the language.

Because of previous unsatisfying experience with Tibetan learning methods, I decided to make my classes purposely devoid of intimidating grammar terms both in English and Tibetan, and focused on just the essential so that anybody motivated by this task would not fall desperate and instead reach their goal. The secret to successfully learning literary Tibetan is to accept this new grammar structure letting go of the one you already know.

Because of circumstances I was not exposed very much to colloquial Tibetan and that’s why spoken Tibetan is not my specialty and I prefer to let this task to other skilled teachers.  If you are young, it would be ideal to learn both!

I have completed two three year retreats and was grateful to have been exposed to my practice essentially in Tibetan. I am one of these stubborn practitioners who have not find anything more important to do than Dharma!

I wish you the best learning, hoping to be the right support in this journey.

Neljorma Tendron