Course Levels

Level One (reading)

This is for beginners. You will learn to write the Tibetan letters properly, to spell the Tibetan way, and read without the aid of transliteration. Flash cards and repetitions will be used on a daily basis for learning. There are 12 recordings/classes (three months of study) followed by free reading classes for another month.

Level Two (grammar)

This teaches very basic grammar. You will learn the four main particles and will work your way to understanding simple prayers. To join this level, you must be able to read and spell without hesitation. There are 17 recordings/classes (four months of study including two weeks off if necessary).

LEVEL 1 & 2 are studied with the use of pre-recorded classes:

Pre-recorded classes allow you to study at your rhythm. You will have access to recorded classes + approximately 30 min/weekly interactive Q & A with the teacher to clarify the material. It will be easier for you to schedule both of these at your convenient time.

LEVEL 3 & 4 are explored within the context of an interactive classroom together with other students and each of them will have a part to prepare and present to others.

Level Three (sadhana (ritual) or other text)

This teaches the basics of verb grammar and will bring you into studying more complex texts such as a sadhana (ritual text) or a text similar in difficulty, understanding one word at a time. To join this level, you must have studied the four main particles in detail or the eight grammatical cases.  There are 18 classes (five months of study including two weeks off if necessary)

Level HEART SUTRA (BETWEEN Level 3 & 4)

This is a very short level (6 classes) studying the word to word of the HEART SUTRA not only stabilizing the grammar of level 2 and 3, but also introducing smoothly the structure of prose text. Advised to those who were not completely comfortable in level 3.

Level Four (prose/commentary)

This will introduce you to a new use of “grammar commentary” of written Tibetan. For a course of 18 classes, students will gather to study a text in prose, extracted from the famous “WORDS OF MY PERFECT TEACHER” by Patrul Rinpoche which is an extended commentary on the Nyingmapa preliminaries.

If you are not sure of your level contact me and we can figure this out together.