Literary Tibetan

The classes offered are ONLINE CLASSES designed for those who want to read and understand written Tibetan. They are oriented in particular towards learning Buddhist practice texts directly in their original sacred language and are thus the perfect start to reach a deeper understanding of your own personal practice.

The lessons expound simple grammar and vocabulary without complicated framework. The point is to make learning Tibetan accessible to all. The format follows an online conferencing environment with two-way communication and white-board.

The methods created exclusively for these classes give a thorough explanation of the main grammatical points with lots of examples. After having completed level 2, you will have acquired the necessary material and knowledge to understand small prayers, and will continue with level 3 with the study of an entire sadhana (or other text if you haven’t received any Vajrayana empowerment). After that, and with the last level (4) you will have access to texts which will complete your ability to refine your understanding of literary Tibetan text.

Please note that these classes are not for colloquial / spoken Tibetan.