FIRST AND FOREMOST, your commitment should be to really want to learn Tibetan, and stay motivated in front of the many reasons you may encounter which tell you to stop! It also probably will seem very new from the start, as well as a little disorienting but this is a learning process and you should be patient with yourself.

You will need to apply yourself once a week to the online class (whatever you are attempting a live class or watching the recording), AND  do approximately one hour of homework between each class to assimilate the material.  Learning a language takes time, some discipline and perseverance, it is NOT a one semester goal!

You also need to check you e-mail frequently for communicating links of recorded classes, advice for home works and other information. It is not in my intention to just give you instructions and not check your progress.

LEVEL 1 & 2 WILL NOT BE INTERACTIVE (as explained in “course level”). You will have recordings at your availability to study at your convenience  AND we will have a live weekly meeting (again at your convenient time) for 30 min of question answer.

LEVEL 3 & 4 MUST BE INTERACTIVE therefore in a live class with others. If you cannot attend the class, you will have to catch up with the recording before the next week.

All recordings of all classes will be stored on my  Dropbox and I will send you a link for accessing your respective level. It will be my responsibility to pass the recording in your folder within 24 hours after the class. It will be yours to use it during the coming week in order to not feel overwhelmed because you postponed your study too far off.

All classes are donation based. Suggested donation are:

  • 10$/class (or recording) for student, unemployed or on Social Security,
  • 15$/class (or recording) until 50 000$ annual individual income,
  • 18$/class (or recording) over 50 000$ annual individual income,
  • 20$/class (or recording) over 100 000$ annual individual income.

In case of financial challenges, you are asked to decide of your own donation! I will trust that you give what you can and will not judge you in anyway. For your information I am using 90% of your donation into Dharma recycling like going to retreat and meet with my sanghas (which are oversee)…and also make donation to Dharma in general!

Donation will be addressed between the 1st and 2nd class of a series of 6 classes to a PayPal me account (any major credit or debit card are accepted even if you do not have a PayPal account). You need to add a note saying for how many classes the amount is related. Donations are not refundable. I will be providing the links for recordings after receiving donation.

There is no extra cost for the material (manuals) which are included in your donation.

I am asking everyone to not share the electronic manual file that you will receive, with anybody. Manual ONE, a part manual TWO & THREE need to be printed.

MY COMMITMENT AND GOAL is to support the group and the individuals, with patience and clarity, and will pace the classes so that everybody can learn best. I encourage you to ask questions during live class even regarding a previous class.

It is my most profound wish that our respective commitments will meet and lend to a better understanding of our Dharma practice, which ultimately will benefit many living beings.

Thank you to believe in yourself and therefore participate to this goal.

Neljorma Tendron