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LEVEL 1 & 2 (beginner and grammar learner)

There won’t be live classes anymore for level 1 and 2. People are shifting their preferences for studying by themselves with the recordings and the weekly meeting with the teacher.

Concerning Level 3, the grammar will also be studied individually through recordings but there will also be a class meeting gathering several students at once to translate together the text or sadhana chosen. Level 4 will be only within a class format. In these two levels, each student will be asked to prepare a piece of text to present to others. The interaction provided by each is a precious tool in our process and inventory of learning.


APPLYING DOESN’T ENGAGE YOU; it tells me how many people are interested in an eventual class so i can organize it, and….it gives me your contact when i am about to prepare you to the journey!


Addition of a new study, the 37 PRACTICES OF BODHISATTVA; a famous Mahayana scripture presenting in verses the basics of Mahayana principles…and vocabulary. It will be studied in the context of a LEVEL 3 replacing the sadhana study for people who didn’t receive a empowerment of Vajrayana. Since this text is only 10 classes we will also dive in the TIbetan study of the HEART SUTRA which will complete level 3. For those who received an empowerment of Vajrayana and eventually practice a sadhana, we will keep the plan of studying a whole sadhana since its the primary goal of these levels.

LEVEL 4 will now be focusing exclusively on the study of pieces of the DAGPO TARGYEN FROM GAMPOPA. Anybody who received instructions (and are confident with grammatical particles and verbs) can join level 4.