AN INVENTORY OF TEXTS TO STUDY (together or privately)

Once you have learned how to read and get familiar to the basic grammar; there are several options for entering slowly in the world of literary Tibetan.

  • The Heart Sutra, the 37 practices of Bodhisattva, Tersar Ngondro and Khandro Thukthik sadhana…for the beginners,
  • Other sadhanas from the Dudjom tersar: Vajrakilaya (Putri Regpung), Dorje Drollo, Garab Dorje (practice of the 3 fold sky), Troma sadhana and ngondro from Dudjom lingpa, the aspiration prayer of Kuntu Zangpo (Kunzang Monlam) and (parts of the) Dagpo Targyen…for the intermediary,
  • Words of my perfect teachers and Richo “mountain retreat” (from Dudjom RInpoche)…for advanced student.
  • Another option would be that the student propose a text of his own to be studied (within a private class setting).