APPLYING DOESN’T ENGAGE YOU; it tells me how many people are interested in an eventual class so i can organize it, and….it gives me your contact when i am about to prepare you to the journey!


Addition of a new study, the 37 PRACTICES OF BODHISATTVA; a famous Mahayana scripture presenting in verses the basics of Mahayana principles…and vocabulary. It will be studied in the context of a LEVEL 3 replacing the sadhana study.

The BETWEEN LEVEL 3 and 4: study of THE HEART SUTRA has been highly appreciated by those who joined. I knew this text would be a success because first of the blessing it carries and also because it fits perfectly between the study of a versified piece like a sadhana and a  prose text like a commentary. It gathers poetry and prose structure without the extremes of each of them. This is preparing students appropriately to the big jump of studying commentary (LEVEL 4).

ALSO, There are two different LEVEL 4 (parallel but equal) that i will present alternately so someone who has already completed one level 4 can continue by studying another part of this text; open to all who have completed level 3 or study any sadhana anywhere.