This course is a progressive and complete series of online interactive classes to assimilate Literary Tibetan, and finally discover the deeper meaning in your practice.


You can register anytime to any future class that you can see on “Schedule and application” page.

These classes have started in January 2018:

  • NEW LEVEL 1 (beginner) is happening every MONDAY at 8 AM (MST US)  for 12 classes.
  • NEW LEVEL 2 (basic grammar) is happening every WEDNESDAY  at 9:30 AM (MST US) for 16 classes.
  • NEW LEVEL 3 (sadhana study) is happening every FRIDAYS at 9:30 AM (MST US) for approximately 18 classes.
  • NEW LEVEL 4 (study of a text in prose) is happening every MONDAYS at 10 AM (MST US) starting Mondays January 22th.

Make yourself the gift of understanding your practice more deeply through a direct comprehension of the original language.


I am preparing a new level 4 in which will be studied the introduction to “Words Of My Perfect Teacher” word by word.

In this text in prose we will explore another use of Tibetan grammar commentary like; less poetic and metrical than a sadhana, but more direct and easy to understand because less abstract and more…grammatically correct!

Open to those who have study an entire sadhana (level 3) with me or someone else…!


LEVEL 1: for a course of 12 classes, students will gather to learn writing, spelling and reading. They will be able to read fluently Tibetan by the end of these series of class.

LEVEL 2 : for a course of 16 classes, students will gather to learn the basic grammar of literary Tibetan. They will be able to understand simple prayers by the end of this series of class.

LEVEL 3 : for a course of 18 classes, students will gather to study verb grammar and an entire sadhana words by words. After this series, they will be able to study any liturgy of other sadhana by their own.

LEVEL 4 : for a course of undefined (yet) number of classes, students will gather to study a text in prose, extracted from any famous Buddhist literature. This will introduce a new use of grammar commentary like of written Tibetan.

If you are interested, stroll this site and get acquainted with the whole content. Then if you are inspired and determined: go to SCHEDULE and APPLICATION to register.

Wishing you the best and new discovery of your practice,

Neljorma Tendron