This course is a progressive and complete series of online interactive classes to assimilate Literary Tibetan, and finally discover the deeper meaning in your practice.


FEEL FREE TO APPLY NOW for a new level 3 beginning end of July, a new level 2 beginning in August or a new level 1 beginning in September  (go to “schedule and application” for details).

LEVEL 1: for a course of 12 classes, students will gather to learn writing, spelling and reading. They will be able to read fluently Tibetan by the end of these series of class.

LEVEL 2 : for a course of 16 classes, students will gather to learn the basic grammar of literary Tibetan. They will be able to understand simple prayers by the end of this series of class.

LEVEL 3 : for a course of 18 classes, students will gather to study verb grammar and an entire sadhana words by words. After this series, they will be able to study any liturgy of other sadhana by their own.

LEVEL 4 : for a course of undefined number of classes, students will gather to study the liturgy AND all notes (yichung) of a sadhana. This study will bring them closer to access commentaries in Tibetan.

If you are interested, stroll this site and get acquainted with the whole content. Then if you are inspired and determined go to SCHEDULE and APPLICATION.

Wishing you the best and new discovery of your practice,

Neljorma Tendron